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The TV has become a commodity, and its industry one of intense price-competition.

In this environment, Samsung, the No.1 TV manufacturer in France, needed to differentiate in order to uphold its leadership position.The challenge consisted in leveraging the launch of the LED9000 series to change the customer's perception of the TV set.

Our agency developed a strategy based on an event of considerable scope for the general public: the organisation of an exhibition of masterpieces featuring the brand's LED screens at the Museum of the Petit-Palais in Paris.PR designed the experience as an educational journey; the masterpieces were brought to life through a combination of knowledge and technology, using immersion films and artistic content developed specifically for the event.

Besides the exhibition, the campaign included:- Four celebrity endorsements- A partnership with Art magazine 'Connaissance des Arts'- One VIP event- A dedicated website The exhibition set a new record with 56,000 visitors over a single month, more than the previous 'Yves Saint-Laurent' and 'Rembrandt' record-breaking events.Extensive coverage in the French media generated over 28 million contacts.The campaign truly redefined the TV as a Gateway to Culture and Beauty.


- We approached several museums to present its concept of a digital exhibition- The Museum of the Petit-Palais was looking for a family-style, educational exhibition for the European Heritage Days- An agreement was reached after six months of negotiations- A partnership was signed with Art magazine 'Connaissance des Arts' to produce the exhibition catalogue and a series of interviews with celebrities- Our agency recruited those celebrities: author Bernard Werber, producer Eve Ruggieri, three-star chef Eric Fréchon and astrophysicist Jean Audouze - A team of service providers was set up, including a theatre designer, film producers, and technicians to set up the exhibition- We consolidated the budget, oversaw the exhibition's set-up, organised the inauguration evening and managed media PR.Under the scientific supervision of the Petit-Palais, the campaign ran according to plan and lasted one month.


The exhibition set a new record with 56,000 visitors over a single month, more than the previous 'Yves Saint-Laurent' and 'Rembrandt' record-breaking events. During the opening weekend, the Petit Palais registered the maximum quota allowed: 3,000 visitors per day.Extensive coverage in the French media (TV, press, Internet) generated over 28 million contacts.Over one month, the client gained product visibility in a space of over 700 m² in the heart of Paris.

A single campaign thus achieved several objectives: it made the new flagship brand stand out from the competition by providing totally different visibility for the products with the general public; it boosted the sponsorship policy desired by the client, and it created new content that will help to enrich the brand's applications store. The campaign thus has a long-term future above and beyond the museum experience.

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