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A 10-hour, 100-km Heartbeat Marathon


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#A 10-hour heartbeat marathon#

Carrying Abbott cardiac pacemaker, helped by Abbott medical technology, this 27-heartbeat patient was encouraged to take a 10-hour, 100km cross-country marathon to the end. We recorded the whole process and made a TVC out of this true story to launch an offline campaign, aiming to make this heat patient’s miracle more widely-known and encourage those suffering from heart disease to stay positive and stick to their life dreams.


During mid-September, one week prior to the World Heart Day, this true inspirational story about Fu Guanming was recorded into videos and graphic materials and advertised on all online video media, cinemas and outdoor lift posters. The response was active, and more people began to learn about Fu Guanming. Abbott website was also linked to the online channels to draw more visitors who dropped by to read the whole story and browse knowledge about heart health.

An offline roadshow was held at Beijing Blue Harbor during the World Heart Day to tell the story about Fu Guanming to more people in a lively and interactive manner.


The patient videos viewed?

OTV Actual Impression Total?48?162?237 views

OTT Actual Impression?35?221?402 views

Lift Poster Actual Impression?26?804?652

Cinema Actual Impression?2?892?236

Programmatic Actual Impression?24?507?256

Over 1.78 million fans, 1,365 relays, 3,480 reviews, 61,385 thumb-ups on social media.

300w 3 million exposures in total.

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