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INMOBI, London / BBC / 2013

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The objective was to innovatively promote the new Breakfast Show DJ, Nick Grimshaw by:

• Driving down the average age of listeners

• Shifting profile of the show

• Engaging with a younger audience of 15-24 year olds

This was a mobile first for the BBC. The campaign was measured by the number of impressions, tap-through’s and message plays.

We created a rich, immersive and targeted mobile ad, designed to introduce and promote the new DJ. We used mobile to reach the core audience targeting youth in the UK through providing a personalized breakfast show experience.

We utilized the AudienceID tool to reach the target audience. AudienceID overlays ComScore GSMA data with the InMobi network. This ensured the ad was delivered to the target audience. Campaign effectiveness was optimised through focused targeting and demographic insights across key verticals.

This mobile ad was a rich media experience. It replicated the act of receiving a phone call from a friend, displaying the radio DJ’s name and photo as though he was already saved as a personal contact. The pre-recorded message meant the ad experience was personalized. Users also connected via Twitter and Facebook. Pre-existing visual assets were used to ensure consistency across the print, digital and mobile campaigns.

To ensure that the ad was not intrusive, the surprise call was launched after a user indicated interest by tapping on an expandable banner, which prompted the user to learn more.

The ad unit was MRAID compliant, using a standardized close button. And of course, the user could always decline the call.

In total five million impressions were targeted to 15-24 year olds using AudienceID.

To demonstrate the success of the campaign, the results of the were as follows:

Expand rates increased over the course of the campaign. By the final day of the campaign, 1.45% of people were clicking the banner to expand the ad.

Mobile users spent longer in the ad unit. With the ad phone call message 25-seconds in length, users spent over double the time within the ad unit.

In addition, 13% of people who watched the ad connected to the show’s website to learn more.

The expandable mobile rich media ad unit created a unique and personal connection with the host impossible to achieve in any other ad channel or medium. The InMobi AudienceID tool in combination with ComScore-verified data meant that this advertisement reached strictly the most relevant demographic target.

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