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A Christmas Love Story

OGILVY, London / VODAFONE / 2018







Christmas is the most romantic time of the year and technology is changing the way we do everything these days, even falling in love. We wanted to tell a modern love story enhanced by two new Vodafone products - Vodafone Passes and Pay as You Go One.

In a series of films across TV & social, Martin Freeman embarks on a festive romance after meeting a mysterious woman. What follows is a journey through an entertaining series of attempts to ensure his encounter with the woman is all but brief.

Over the course of the films we see Martin rehearsing what to say to her in a call, cringing as his family look at her Instagram posts, ignoring her calls as he thinks she’s out of his league before finally turning up at her family castle and winning her heart.


We launched ‘Love on the platform’ on National TV supported by ‘video on demand’ services, ensuring that 73% of our target audience saw the copy at least once. Just over a week later, we started to seed out ‘First call’, ‘Doubt’ and ‘Idiot’ consecutively across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The big finale ‘Beach reunion’ was once again aired on National TV just before Christmas. The approach allowed us to ensure that our target audience saw the love story across multiple platforms in a right order.


• Reach: TV + VOD: 1+ Reach 90% @ 7 OTS

• Social: 4,400,000 views across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

• Engagement: We have achieved amazing View through Rate across both Twitter and Facebook. Twitter VR was exceeded by staggering 105% and Facebook by 73% against benchmarks.

• Overall impacts 44,353,762 (12,820,589 on social, followed by AV 31,533,173)

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