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As Amsterdam’s local beer, Heineken has a leg up when it comes to becoming a part of the experience of visitors to our city: Tourists prefer local beverages to toast to the start of their city trip.

Now we needed an idea that would transform this experience in to one that would prove Heineken’s commitment to their product and customers.

So, we created: ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’ – The perfect beer to celebrate your visit to our hometown

- Brewed to be ready on the exact day of your arrival. Chilled and protected from light to create the freshest beer from Amsterdam in Amsterdam

- Customised with your trip details to turn a beer into a souvenir of our hospitality

- Personalised with a map to our hometown’s hotspots and hidden gems – selected based on your personal preferences and interests – to give you a tour of Amsterdam’s best hidden gems.


From the moment our guests had purchased their personal welcome to Amsterdam we started learning about their personal interests and preferences which we used to give them a personalised welcome to our hometown.

Through a Facebook Messenger chatbot we spent 28 days learning everything about what our guests’ interests and likes were and what sort of trip to Amsterdam they were looking for. By asking their yay or nay on suggestions and choosing between multiple choices we learned everything we needed to know to suggest a one-of-kind tour along the hidden gems in our home town.

This data was used to customise every element of the experience. The bottle was personalised to mark their day of arrival, the wrapper was custom designed to their personal style and the map printed on the wrapper included personalised suggestions.


With a paid media budget of only €4,500, we achieved laser-sharp focus in targeting and impact, delivering close to 0% wastage.

In less than two weeks we had sold 500 personalised bottles to celebrate our guests’ arrival in Amsterdam – reaching the maximum brewing capacity set for this campaign.

The bottles were picked up from the Heineken Experience – Heineken’s museum in the centre of Amsterdam – and each of our guests used this opportunity to enjoy the tour learning about Heineken’s brewing process, its founding in Amsterdam and its current activities around the world.

80% of the 1 on 1 chatbot conversations lasted the entire 28 days and were completed – generating invaluable data to be used activate their brand ambassadorship once they arrived home.

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