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A Million Dreams

ARS THANEA, Warsaw / HUAWEI / 2021

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We have created a heart-warming and meaningful video for Huawei, clearly proving that technology can develop a better future for all.

TECH4All is a digital inclusion initiative supported by the Chinese technology company Huawei, which approached us to help them present how technology significantly improves the quality of life in four particular fields: education, health, environment, and development.

The video is a message of hope. A dream of a better place. The dream is represented by a hand-made world that works like a clockwork with an inner mechanism that creates movement and transformations in its features.


We developed a carefully crafted story through animation and design. Our main objective was to create it with a strong visual metaphor that brings together the message and the materials of which things are built in order to make them cherishable and meaningful.

The main hero, a metaphor for technology, travels through the world that we see as a 3D globe made out of pieces that fit together like a puzzle, with rails and mechanisms that bring life into the scenes and characters. It takes us to an African savannah, a hospital, a rainforest, and a remote little village and transmutes people’s life: provides kids with new digital skills, improves the standard of health care, protects the environment, drives balanced development. Simply makes the world a better place.

All the objects and creatures were inspired by classic wooden puppet toys. Our vision was to represent noble materials like fine woods and pieces of metal combined with a carefully selected palette of colors. We wanted it to have the touch of the hand and a bit of roughness in the making of its refined design. Smooth camera movements gave a real movie-like feeling and brought this thought-provoking story to life.

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