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A Priceless Delivery

FP7/DXB, Dubai / MASTERCARD / 2017

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Partnering with Dubai’s Government, high-quality meals were created.

NASA’s technology was used to securely pack the food.

And then, through “A Priceless Delivery” we helped people see the impact they could make and deliver the meals themselves, connecting Dubai’s leading mall to refugee camps.

We drew people in Dubai in the most popular mall. And helped them deliver food to the children through an interactive wall. We connected people who wanted to give to the displaced children, with the children themselves.

And with every high-quality meal bought, we helped people feel as well as see the direct impact of their contributions.


People were invited to buy a pack and step up to an interactive wall. This activated a sensor that detected the colour and the movement of the pack inserted into the slot. And showed a recording of each child receiving the pack. Each day, the packs were collected within the wall and then packaged for delivery to the camps.

We attracted people to the wall through targeted messaging across key shopping and delivery channels such as Supermarkets, Food Courts and Shopping Sites. Social events and posts helped with amplifying the invitations.

Costs for the mall space, the wall’s production and the tech set-up were pro bono, thanks to the Government. Filming was done by volunteers, reducing costs and giving more to the cause.

MasterCard donated too, didn’t charge fees and also, accepted other payment solutions.

And people could continue delivering more meals, through a mobile system.


This experience has influenced the way people can donate in the UAE.

109,000+ participants across 53 nationalities, in just 30 days, connected to the children.

“Very happy to be part of this with my daughter. Helping children by making a real difference. Love it and may you all be blessed.” (Faisal Al Ansari)

$1.5 million collected funded 700,000+ meals delivered (and counting) that mattered to thousands.

“This has helped 100,000s of people globally.” (His Excellency Tayeb Al-Rais, Secretary General of Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation)

530+ Press articles raised awareness.

$1.3 million Earned media attracted participation.

Brand Respect: +22%.

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