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Consumers see 5000 marketing messages daily, they consider them like spam, they don’t need it, they don’t want it, if they are not relevant for them.

Consumers still shop with their hearts. MasterCard’s challenge was to use social data to build a system that defines that emotional connection and leverage it to be relevant to our consumer needs.

Social data surges into MasterCard in multiple forms and platforms, from engagement on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, LINE, and YouTube; from our data technology platforms like Expion, and paid social media tools like Circus Social. However, all this data is commercially useless unless you use it in real-time - it must be fused into an integrated system built with tools, people and processes to transform from 1-to-many connections with consumers to 1-to-1 relationships.

To solve this, MasterCard created the Digital & E-Commerce Engine.


We begin with a compelling spark video, where we connect with our audience emotionally to introduce the campaign. This provides us with the opportunity to start a dialogue with them, hence increasing the propensity of them clicking on our offers. Based on the interactions, we continually gather data and learnings about their preferences and behavior.

By leveraging these learnings, we proceed to create timely and relevant offers messages that are retargeted at our video viewers. These offers serve as functional proof points that encourage habitual commercial behavior from our fans.

Besides gaining engagement from offers, we too encourage our fans to further engage with the brand by rewarding them with Priceless Surprises throughout the campaign.

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