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Every year, millions of people descend on Thailand's biggest automotive event, the Bangkok International Motor Show, where there are hundreds and thousands of car brands and booths displaying goods. For decades, Mercedes-Benz has held the same booth numbered A13, so every event-goer knows precisely where the Mercedes-Benz booth would be. However, for the first time after 44 years, Mercedes-Benz moved from their signature location at A3 to a smaller booth at A19.

Our challenge: How can Mercedes-Benz's new booth at A19 become top-of-mind for visitors at the motor show?


To promote Mercedes-Benz's new A19 motor show location, leading up to the motor show we took their location outside of the motor show and brought it to a place where people always stop and look at cars - car parks. There we created Mercedes-Benz pop-up motor show booths to help build awareness. Specifically, we selected the car park spaces numbered A19 in several well-known shopping malls around the city with high traffic to create the Mercedes-Benz "A19 Car Park Showroom."


Rather than following the pack, Mercedes-Benz took an unconventional approach to promoting their latest models at the motor show event. Rather than simply setting up a typical booth, the brand chose to park their new/highlight cars in the A19 parking lots - the very same number as their new motor show location. By cleverly associating the number A19 with their brand, Mercedes-Benz was able to draw in curious visitors to their innovative and unique display. This strategy not only helped set them apart from the competition but also helped to establish top of mind positioning for motor show visitors.


We transformed the car parking lot spaces numbered A19 in several major shopping malls around the city into a pop-up Mercedes-Benz motor show booths to inform people that Mercedes-Benz will be at booth A19 at this year's motor show. On display were the latest Mercedes-Benz cars with QR scans for free tickets that also marked our booth's geo-location.

The "A19 Car Park Showroom" was created using the same design as the actual A19 Mercedes-Benz booth at the Bangkok International Motor Show, including the lights, colors, cars, and decorations, to deliver an authentic mini motor show experience.


Location recognition and recall were achieved, helping drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Mercedes-Benz booth at the motor show. In addition, it helped create valuable exposure for Mercedes-Benz during a time when all automotive brands are aggressively trying to stand out.

• 40 impressions

• 14 million earned PR value

• 21% increase in footfall to Mercedes-Benz motor show booth from 2022-2023

• Mercedes-Benz became the #1 best-selling luxury car brand at the motor show

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