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ABSOLUT Buenos Aires Dynamic Launch

UMWW, Buenos Aires / PERNOD RICARD / 2017

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ABSOLUT target audience is defined by being always on the move (67% take the bus to work TGI 10/2015) and their Nomophobia (Mobile Penetration 82% Affinity 136 TGI 10/2015). Pride is another attribute locals are worldwide known for. How would they DARE to miss the opportunity to buy a Limited Edition bottle that recognized and celebrated them?

We exploited Programmatic and Mobile. An extensive research helped us build tailored audiences and then geolocation, interests, intent and behaviour in real time fueled our dynamic creative assets. We divided the city into hot zones and then used Geolocation to serve specific creatives. If our Old Millennial was male and walking near a Stadium, “Soccer” would display for him. When by Palermo (trendy neighbourhood packed with bars & nightclubs), a gender neutral “Waiter” asset would reach them. While commuting, or near the 60 line bus route, “Bus” would appear on their phone.


We built 5 audiences:

• Brand properties data

• Interest data: Soccer & Art

• Interest & Intent data: Spirits + Premium drinks & Aspirational brands

Audiencies guided our creative assets production. We animated specific pieces of the bottle to design dynamic creative and social content. Data in real time was used to serve a specific creative.

In “Soccer” a player showed off his skills; it was displayed in 36 geofenced Soccer Stadiums across the city. “Billboards” featured multiple lettering styles displayed within the most important avenue, filled with Theatres. Every km from the 60 line Bus route was mapped to display "Bus", where a taxi and a bus drove across the design´s streets.

Palermo, a trendy neighbourhood packed with bars & nightclubs was where "Waiter" would display, celebrating local waiters flawless memory.

Data also enabled us to target and retarget users with different messages, pursuing Awareness, Engagement or Purchase.


ABSOLUT Buenos Aires Limited Edition launch Campaign did not only succeeded Comms objectives, but SOLD OUT 82k bottles!

Its Mobile First Campaign, empowered the brand to connect with its local audience in an innovative way, closing the perception gap and overcoming the cold and VIP-only halo.

Absolut became 1st of its kind in Argentina to run a Programmatic Campaign using tailored audiences, geolocation and interest data in real time.

Bearing in mind that Old Millennials are the Skip generation and immediately close any invasive media, our CTR was 55% higher than the category benchmark.

Dynamic Creative was key to learn that “Soccer” was the best performing asset: +23% CTR vs campaign average.

Real time optimization allowed us to allocate budget on creative and targeting that were showing the best results. We´ve got 9% additional/extra impressions (vs planned)

Page View average was +150% and session length was +100% vs category benchmark

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