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JWT, Amsterdam / OPEL / 2013

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To showcase the unlimited possibilities, we built the store out of modular blocks so it could change as often as we wanted it to. From a cool bar to a funky event space. By being able to change the store we were able to attract a different segment of our target audience each time.

We partnered with influential bloggers and brands within these segments to help us design in-store events and spread the word through their social networks. Each of these events was based on personalization and themed around the car. We enabled fashionistas to create their own car scent, invited cool urbanites to jam with a hip indie band and gave a platform for young artists to create custom designs. As well as providing a space for people to hang out, find love, pick up a pair of customized sneakers and configure their perfect ADAM.


By designing a customisable store, we reached a new target audience who would never have visited a normal car dealership. And changed their perceptions about the Opel brand, resulting in a 10% conversion rate in sales, double the national average. The ADAM Store.

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