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Alexa Loses Her Voice

AMAZON, Seattle / AMAZON / 2018


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How do we prove the irreplaceable value of Alexa’s voice? We take her voice away.

For the first time ever, we reprogrammed Alexa to lose her voice so that millions of Americans could experience the fantasy of our Super Bowl commercial for real, right in their home.

To show that no one could replace Alexa, we asked a variety of celebrities like Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins to fill in for her. They all failed miserably.

Our team of engineers and developers even created over 60 on-device Easter eggs, implementing an entirely new application in voice assistant devices. In the end, consumers experienced what it’s like to live without their favorite AI. Demonstrating that no matter the competition, there’s only one Alexa.

This was a first-of-its kind national interactive campaign involving millions of Alexa users and their devices during the biggest sporting event of the year.


A week before the big game, Alexa users who asked ‘Alexa, who will win the Super Bowl?’ heard her cough and splutter in her reply. The sense that Alexa was losing her voice was reinforced by an online teaser starring Jeff Bezos. Users started tweeting and asking, what’s wrong with Alexa? Is she ok?

Shortly after, famous celebrities began posting videos showing themselves unboxing Alexa branded headsets. The social chatter continued, as users discovered the famous replacements and over 60 on device Easter eggs.

On the day of the big game itself, Alexa’s replacements were revealed– and of course they were all terrible. The real Alexa remained silent throughout the airing of the ad – until the end of course, when she came back to resume her duties as the nation’s favorite voice assistant.

In the end, we proved, that no matter the completion, there is only one Alexa.


The ‘Alexa loses her voice’ was the most talked about campaign the week leading up to the Super Bowl—earning over 1.5 Billion media impressions.

It was unanimously crowned victor of the Super Bowl—winning the USA Today’s Admeter, YouTube Adblitz and Ad Age’s Super Bowl roundup.

The spot was viewed over 43M times and was the most talked about campaign on twitter the same week, with 720K mentions.

Intent to purchase Alexa increased 4% vs pre campaign and perception of Amazon Echo having ‘Many uses in everyday life’ improved 5%.

We achieved over 1 million interactions with the on device Easter Eggs we created, an experience exclusive to current Alexa device owners.

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