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Alexa Moments

AMAZON, Seattle / AMAZON / 2017

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With low familiarity and over 30,000 skills worth demonstrating, the standard 30-second spot just wouldn’t cut it, thus the creation of over 160 highly contextual, 10-second spots called Echo/Alexa Moments. There were day-parted moments; channel and show specific moments; moments reacting to the news and weather; even moments around holidays and cultural events. The custom and interest-targeted placements across digital, social, TV and cinema allowed consumers to connect with their own Moment.

As a new and innovative category, customers were motivated by the concept of a “home of the future” but lacked awareness (most significant purchase barrier, 59% of BnB) of how Echo fit into their lives. They have a desire to understand the functional and emotional benefits of a new technology without overcomplicated jargon. For customers that have purchased an Echo, simple uses like Music, Information, and Smart Home are the biggest drivers of purchase intent.


Launching in September 2016, TV used a mix of 10 and 30 second commercials based on programming and Moment-related relevancy. Programmatic provided the base foundation for sequential ad delivery where viewers were exposed to new Moments based on prior exposure in the campaign. To complement programmatic inventory, contextual media was added to provide guaranteed placements in the most sought after inventory (defined by partner reach) in the four content categories. Social added efficient content distribution and engagement across relevant platforms in real time.


The new Echo campaign strategy proved successful in driving familiarity and helping customers understand how Echo fits into their lives. The Moments campaign had a positive impact on upper-funnel and lower-funnel metrics. The campaign generated an 85% lift in familiarity and 2x increase in consideration.

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