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Alibaba TMall Double 11 Count Down Gala: All in One

ALIBABA GROUP, Hangzhou / ALIBABA / 2017

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With the gala theme of “all-in-one”, we built our yearly gala into the world first real time global-wide interactive count down gala to offer consumer an unprecedented brand experience and meanwhile business opportunity for brands. The live event was broadcasted to the world through television and digital platforms.


The gala was a 4 hours count down gala held in Hangzhou, it was live broadcasted to the world through TV and digital platform.

Local celebrities, international stars like David Beckham and Scarlett Johansson were invited to the gala and participated in different gaming section.

When commercial time was boring, we turned it into shopping time. Audiences at home were incentivized to visit brands’ e-commerce shop via their mobile. The viewership during commercial hours were even higher than the gala and commercial became a traceable sales opportunity.

Audiences were also entertained even if they didn’t do e-shopping. With a mobile phone, audiences at home reacted real time to the program, let’s say grabbed the coat throw by celebrity from the stage, decided the content of the live drama, and even controlled the celebrities in the variety game. Audiences at home can enjoy the gala even more than the field audiences.


TMall Single Day Gala ranked no.1 viewership in TV night time slot and 120 billion RMB in volume of transaction from 235 countries in a single day was recorded, 5 times sales transaction of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We redefined commercial time. We created traceable sales opportunity with a smart use of mobile technology, title sponsor Jahwa received 13 million cross screen visit to the shop during the period, and special sponsor Whaley and Head & Shoulder acquired 105 times visitors visit and 5million visit respectively.

Single day is no longer a shopping day, it becomes the global iconic celebration of shopping owned by TMall. More importantly, we disrupted the traditional ecommerce and entertainment model and invented the unprecedented "Hollywood meets Silicon Valley" interactive entertainment and sales model: Real time interactive entertainment event with purchase opportunity for audience both in the live event and at home.

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