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VML, Shanghai / ALIBABA / 2017

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Taobao created T.A.O concept (Technology, Arts, Originality) to re-define the brand as a platform that fosters creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship that inspired its existing merchants to promote their unique product design and creation to continuously attract more young Chinese shoppers.

Element of Technology brings the minds of innovative thinking together to showcase ground-breaking product inventions that combined AR & VR technology.

Arts consists of the latest creative and fashion trends, music and entertainment and cross-border Chinese cultures.

Originality brings together creative entrepreneurs to share inspiration of their original creations that sparks and inspires infinite possibilities among others.

These 3 T.A.O elements came together to entice consumers not to miss out the unprecedented concept launched by Taobao for consumers to experience the first-ever China’s biggest festival that celebrates creativity and innovation.

T.A.O spirit was widely spread across integration of all of mediums, to express the one single unified concept.


The T.A.O campaign ran for 48 days from 8th June to 25th July, 2016.

Every medium conveys the message that ‘Everyone is a Creator’ with call-to-action for consumers to attend the T.A.O festival from 22-24 July, 2016.

30-sec TVC aired on Shanghai Dragon Television, 30-sec OTV released on Sina Weibo and WeChat channels, amplified by renowned social bloggers

360 Panaromic mobile interactive event website was crafted in a digital illustration format that brought a virtual festival, combined T.A.O elements in one single mobile experience. It also hosted festival information on time, location and festival agenda.

Weibo hashtag #iamacreator,areyou# was created to trigger social conversations and to release social content that directs consumers to T.A.O festival site

3-day T.A.O Festival held at Shanghai Expo Park. 37,990 people turned up, attended by public, popular celebrities, renowned social influencers, hundreds of merchants and start-ups entrepreneurs who also showcased their products in the festival.


The T.A.O Campaign has successfully reached:

37,990 festival attendees over 3 days

1.02 Billion total viewership for online TV

220 Million total viewership for TVC

20 Million total earned media engagements on WeChat and Weibo

7 Million views of live event broadcast

2.2 Million pageview on mobile interactive event website

1.59 Million earned media engagements on mobile interactive event website

460,000 unique visitors on mobile interactive event website

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