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MEDIACOM, Sydney / DELL / 2012

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The online video landscape is highly popular in Australia with videos typically have short shelf lives, particular when the subject matter is combined with a live event.

The content needed to have a general classification while still providing enough action for the target audience who are used to graphic video games.


We created a filmed live experience that would be attended by few but shared with many. An event so special, so advanced so demonstrative of Alienware’s ability to transport you that it would earn media and inform our owned and bought. A world-first ‘Live-Dimension-Reality’ visual experience.

Combining Alienware-powered projection-mapping technologies with live action, stunts, actors, special-effects, pyrotechnics and a theatrical storyline and narration, we created a visual demonstration of Alienware’s ability to transport you. We invited gamers, journalists and bloggers, which started the PR seeding process and the event was filmed allowing the next part of the campaign to begin: seeding it across the web.Seeding, search and pre-roll strategy achieved mass awareness and engagement immediately so then we got the products into their hands.We equipped an Airstream vehicle, from the live event, with Alienware PCs and took the experience around Australia to get gamers’ hands on the PCs.


The targets were smashed and the clients were delighted.

-“The Area 52 campaign has been a real game-changer for the Alienware brand. The insight that was uncovered allowed us to speak to our audience’s passions in a new and legitimate way, which in turn delivered significant and sustained sales increases”. - Cath Hodgson-Croker; Marketing Director, Consumer Sales Director, Dell ANZ -Sales increased by a massive 24% over the campaign period (target was 8%) ($ figures excluded from entry due to client confidentiality).-Across the first month of the campaign, the content was the third most viewed YouTube video across the whole of Australia with 628,000 unique views. The video achieved so many likes and comments that it trended on YouTube’s global homepage for 2 weeks.

-The activity achieved 47 PR articles, with an estimated gaming audience of 1,033,022. Top-Of-Mind awareness amongst gamers increased by 40% (target was 10%).-This drove our brand metrics; ‘Powerful’ (+8%), ‘Is a brand for me’ (+10%) and ‘I’m willing to pay more for’ (+13%).-There was no other marketing activity or changes to price and distribution, thus allowing us to attribute the success solely to our campaign.

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