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We launched the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé to invited international media and VIPs the night before Press Day of the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Our goal? To maximise global broadcast opportunities by delivering a breath-taking reveal moment – a ‘Wow’ experience which would get the world talking about Jaguar’s fastest-ever production car.

When Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director, was asked how he'd like to see the car launched, he'd replied: “I want to see it moving.” How fast? “Very fast.”

The venue we chose was Raleigh Studios, a cavernous former aircraft hangar. We created a stylish party area and grandstand, and concealed the immense size of the space. As well as global media representatives, we invited celebrity Brits like Simon Cowell, Miranda Kerr, Jodie Kidd, Nicholas Hoult and Rufus Sewell.

A few minutes into Ian’s presentation, the building was plunged into darkness. The sounds of a Helicopter/car chase were heard outside. Searchlights flashed through the rooftop windows, revealing the full extent of the space. A car appeared, silhouetted against the far wall of the building, engine growling menacingly. A red laser tunnel appeared between the car and the audience, and the F-TYPE accelerated towards them, reaching 85 mph before disappearing at the last second down a ramp under the grandstand.

It then re-emerged and Ian Callum got out as cheers resounded around the building.

Safety was paramount throughout the planning and execution of the event. We worked with McLaren to design and install custom-built safety barriers for this pioneering, ultra-dynamic reveal.


Raleigh Studio, Playa Vista. Guests arrive at sunset.

In the auditorium, they see a traditional conference space. Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design, tells us the F-TYPE Coupé is coming. He starts to talk about sports-car design.

But we're plunged into darkness. Tyres screech, sirens wail. Helicopters buzz the building. Searchlights flash through the roof. The MC asks for calm, ushers Ian offstage. What’s going on?

A car engine roars in the darkness. A shaft of light picks it out – a menacing presence.

The engine roars again. The car accelerates quickly, getting faster and faster… closer and closer.

At 85 mph, it’s almost upon us. It’s not going to stop!

At the last second, it disappears under the grandstand.

Moments later it reappears. Ian Callum gets out as his car is flanked by two others.

Cheers resound around the building.

The F-TYPE Coupé has arrived.


• F-TYPE Coupé gained 72% share of voice in its segment and was the most reported car at the LA Auto Show

• Twitter: campaign total reach 545% greater than LA Auto Show KPI target

• Twitter: #FTYPECOUPE reached 41m within first 24 hours; conversations potential reach 175m, reveal tweet achieved Jaguar’s highest ever number of retweets; @Jaguar reach 12m

• Instagram: first ever automotive episodic video series, highest ever number of interactions on Jaguar post and highest ever fan growth on a single day

• YouTube: over 1m views of launch and reveal films

• Facebook: 4.1m reach across 19 markets

• Within 36 hours of the reveal, 12,000 users accessed the media website. Of 33,000 page-views, 64% were new users

• Over 3,800 click-throughs from social channels to KMI form

• High-global-reach broadcast media included CNN, Fox News and Sky News

“The reveal event in LA was unlike anything we have delivered before - in terms of drama, impact and sheer physical scale. The coverage is now coming in thick and fast – and we have already secured F-TYPE Coupé as the most talked-about car of the show, with Jaguar being the most talked-about brand of the show.” – Rich Agnew, Jaguar Global PR Director

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