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The film is made for Danish TV channel, TV 2; Denmark’s most watched channel family. It is made to communicate the new programming strategy. A strategy about focusing on the things that unite us in these dividing times. The film is also made to set the tone for future programming on TV 2’s main channel.

There is a global discourse, that our societies are falling apart. In Denmark, the debate is about cohesiveness, and even in homogeneous Denmark it sounds like the different groups have nothing or very little in common. When you want to be a TV channel for everyone, you must believe, we have a lot of things in common. But it is a political statement to say it. We needed to show it.


We gathered 10 different groups of Danes: The rich, the poor, the young, the old, and so forth.

Each group enter the studio separately. They are placed in a half circle, facing each other, and both the scenography and the voice-over builds the feeling of divisiveness between the groups.

The director interrupts, and he begins asking questions. Everyone are asked the same questions.

Questions like: “Who was the class clown?”, and “Who are lonely?” If the answer is yes, people step forward.

Then new and unexpected groups start to form.


We used the media to prove the message and make the campaign into a self-fulfilling piece of work that both introduces and proves the strategy of making content for everyone instead of further segmentation.

To do this, the film was launched on TV 2 Denmark’s facebook and youtube channel. The film ran nationally on TV 2 and was used as short channel idents before and after commercial breaks.

But the main effort was to make people engage with the film online; both nationally and abroad. International success was made into national news stories, and each time a new part of the world began sharing the film, it revived the attention in Denmark.

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