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The marketing battleground in Femcare takes place when girls enter puberty. Once a brand decision is made it is extremely difficult to change it.

Given Always’ category dominance (70% Market Share in Israel), competitors’ only option is to try to appeal to the young teens who are entering the category. We constantly need to protect this important strategic target (and their main influencers – moms) as it is the most susceptible to competitors’ messages.

Always’ purpose is building feminine confidence both as a direct function of its products as well as on a higher-level, by empowering girls during the sensitive puberty age.

Starting with the iconic “Like-A-Girl” campaign from a few years ago, Always’ aim is to go beyond simply raising awareness to the issue of teen girls’ decline in confidence and focus on “action” – ensuring the brand is recognized as taking credible steps to improve girls’ confidence.


Technology was rediscovered during the pandemic as a force to enable safe social engagement. What if we could harness its power to assist young girls in times of distress?

We would create a bigger, better and much more exciting celebration for every girl who missed her event due to the global pandemic, to bring back the optimism and self-confidence of young teenage girls nationwide.

To make it a bigger-than-life national event, it would feature the country’s most prominent figures from all walks of life, making it a “must attend” event for all girls who missed their celebrations due to the Coronavirus crisis, as well as their families and friends.

Despite catering to a specific audience, Always' aim was to uplift the spirits of the wider population, starting with the parents and going right across the community. In fact, everyone who needed a "feel good" pick me up.


A promotional video built anticipation for the event, as well as sharing the Bat-Mitzvah invite details on social media (FB/IG).

We recruited top mass-media partners, the leading TV channel and website, which further supported the event with branded content segments, PR and special behind-the-scenes interviews with mom and daughter duos who had a unique story related to their Bat-Mitzvah.

On April 22nd at 18:00, in their own living rooms, more than 1,400 girls who turned/will turn 12 between March 1st and May 31st, 2020 celebrated together their Bat-Mitzvah, enabled by Always.

Using a Kaltura video platform, we were able to combine a private intimate personal event with a huge public, “never-seen before” Bat-Mitzvah celebration.

The hottest acts in Israel put on a show just for the girls, and even the nation’s President logged on to greet the girls!

Special Always home-delivered giftpacks surprised participants during the event.


1,400 Bat-Mitzvah girls celebrated (15% of all eligible girls!), and each was joined on average by 30 friends and family members. The buzz around the event and the quality of the acts drew tens of thousands additional teens. The event was even featured on the main TV evening news.

Post initiative survey shows:

• 43% of women and 52% of teen girls are aware of the initiative and attribute it to Always ((indexing 124 vs. average on sponsorships).

As a result:

• Top Of Mind grew from 70% (December 2019) to 75% and even more impressive amongst teen girls from 66% to 79%, reversing a declining trend for the first time since Feb 2017!

• Unaided Brand Awareness amongst all women grew from 88% to 92% and amongst teens from 81% to 90%.

• “Always is a brand that understands me” reached highest levels ever indexing 127 vs. YAG.

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