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To show the consumer the new Galaxy Note's ways to capture, create and share content, our street artist Notasso created an original and personal artwork for everyone part of the community.

We needed to bring this to life, in a way that was larger than life. With new worlds of possibility at their fingertips, we wanted to show people what was possible.

More than 139.000 artworks were created and shared. To celebrate the success we took it a step further, by creating one gigantic portrait of Andre Kuipers (Dutch hero astronaut). This masterpiece was placed in a huge field so Andre Kuipers himself could see the artwork from space. And so he did, took a picture and shared it with the world on twitter!


To show people what was possible in this world, we wanted to go as far as anyone physically could.

We created an event and social experience for Galaxy Note fans, in a tribute to one of The Netherlands’ greatest national heroes – all featuring the product and its features.

We offered a unique, personalized portrait for our target, created on a Galaxy Note by Spanish street artist, Notasso. Facebook fans uploaded photos for Notasso to transform into unique pieces of art using a Galaxy Note.

We then combined these pieces, almost 140,000 in all into a gigantic 9,600m2 tribute to Dutch astronaut and national hero, Andre Kuipers, working at the time in the International Space Station, laying it out in a field near the country’s main airport so that Andre himself could see it from orbit.

Which he did, taking a picture and sharing it with the world on Twitter.


SamsungNL’s Facebook fan base grew almost 150% - from 72,000 to almost 180,000.

Tweets and blog posts about the giant portrait delivered over 9 MILLION earned media impressions worth over €500,000 - including the message from Andre himself who sent a ‘thankyou’ tweet together with a photo from his vantage point in space.

The leverage of the campaign was returned many times over as Andre made reference to the tribute in many of his interviews after returning to earth.

And all sales targets were all broken, with the Galaxy Note becoming the second best-selling mobile device in the market.

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