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MULLENLOWE, Boston / GOOGLE / 2018

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We built the world’s smartest application for the world’s smartest company to answer questions for the world’s smartest customers, who, believe it or not, are afraid to ask simple questions about their cloud services for fear of looking dumb. Using Google Cloud’s advanced tools like AI, machine learning, and speech recognition, we built our voice assistant to answer questions about all things cloud-related, literally giving the cloud a voice. We then sent can’t-miss direct-mail packages to target customers, offering them a customized Google Home to access our voice app. Now, if anyone has a question about the cloud, they can simply ask Google Cloud.



We built our voice assistant using the framework backed by Google Cloud Platform. The assistant was designed to answer roughly 800 different types of questions ranging from product explanations to industry-specific case studies and business recommendations. Then we delivered it right to the desks of our target via customized Google Homes. With each question our participants ask, the AI learns and adapts the conversation architecture to allow for countless variations for how people can ask cloud questions and get answers.


The first direct mail units arrived September 1, 2017 and the program continues to run with no scheduled end date. All data is reported quarterly, so all numbers included here are for the first quarter in-market ending January 1, 2018.


This voice app can now be accessed by anyone who wants to learn more about the cloud on any device using the Google Assistant.


Outreach for the first quarter was 3,750 executives, and we continue to ship 3,000-5,000 per quarter to high-value prospects.

User engagement averages 25 unique users per day, roughly 1,000 sessions per month total, and an average conversation time of right minutes each.

Google Cloud and parent company Alphabet Inc. have been notoriously close-lipped with individual product performance. Direct outreach has led to a 16 percent response rate from top tier IT executives who used the app at least once and scheduled a meeting with a Google Cloud sales representative.

Our Google Cloud powered voice assistant garnered a 16 percent response rate, greatly surpassing the industry benchmark of 5% for similar high-value direct mail campaigns. This is particularly incredible considering a narrow market of senior level IT executives (CIO, CTO, and at times CEO).

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