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Raho Do Kadam Aagey

LOWE LINTAS, Mumbai / GOOGLE / 2023

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Internet users & the incidence of online transactions, in India, have gone up manifold in the last few years. So have the incidences of users being targeted by devious scamsters.

Scamsters draw you in with their plots, dialogues, emotions & before you know it, you fall for the fiction.

To drive home the message that it’s easy to get fooled by internet scammers. We got some of the country’s best actors to mimic them and sell current efforts. In the films, the actors, like real scamsters, reel in viewers with their ‘acting’ & just when the viewers are about to take the bait our actors would break the 4th wall & reveal the scam. They then go on to impart the message of staying ‘Two Steps Ahead’ of the scamsters by never sharing their bank details & the passwords with anyone.

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