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To highlight the unparalleled image quality and size of our TV, we chose "the universe" as our subject. While many competitors have used real-life experiences, such as animals and nature, to showcase their image quality, we believed that such typical subjects wouldn't effectively display our product's powerful features: a fresh approach was necessary.

Our objective was to convincingly convey the product's high quality through immersive visuals and sounds. We aimed to achieve the ultimate immersion by emphasizing the model floating in a vast universe, allowing consumers to experience the reality beyond the screen. We decided to use the sizzle technique instead of conventional methods like computer graphics to beautifully depict the universe's visuals.


To express the texture of the universe, we employed the sizzle technique, mixing liquids such as coffee or watercolors to create organic movements. We captured and layered these movements to produce fresh and organic visuals of the interstellar clouds.

We considered various aspects when portraying the texture of the universe, such as how to create a zero-gravity feel through camera and model’s movement, and how to represent the movement of light. After exploring numerous options, we found solutions step by step. For instance, we developed a technical method for capturing the rotating movement in a zero-gravity environment, using the camera, lighting, and the model as their respective axes. During the shoot, we simulated the movement multiple times until we captured the perfect shot.

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