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Awesome Stuff Week: An Art, Copy & Code Project With Google


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We partnered with over 60 of YouTube’s most popular Creators to co-produce over 100 videos and launch the platform’s first shoppable video series--Awesome Stuff Week. It paired product centric content from top Creators with the latest in Google’s shopping ad technology to make it easier than ever for viewers to buy products they love from Creators they trust. We launched the series with 4 weeks timed to key shopping moments. It kicked off with a week centered on Fashion (launching right after NY Fashion Week) with creators sharing the latest looks for the fall season. Then launched into a full scale review of all the latest Gadgets (after the fall product announcements). And then, we took things to another level with two crazy weeks for Black Friday and the Holidays.


Partnering with over 60 creators to create over 100 shoppable videos, we organized the shopping weeks first by product themes that were timed to key shopping moments. Then we further grouped the videos into daily categories, arranged by product type. Each week had approximately 25 videos, which were released during each week day. In addition to taking advantage of the large organic reach of the creators, we supported their videos with a native YouTube media campaign which further drove views and introduced viewers to other creators that were part of the program. Creators also collaborated in each other’s videos cross pollinating their viewer bases. Finally, Creators spread the word to their vast online communities by engaging them on all of their social networks to further amplify the campaign and drive earned views.


Branding and logo design for Awesome Stuff Week was a complicated task because the project involved 60 different creators (each with their own look and feel). The task of branding this series not only had the potential to alienate viewers from the Awesome Stuff Week channel, but could also alienate viewers from their own trusted creators that they subscribed to. Fortunately, we nailed it with the logo design and branding. Viewers of these creators are out there to learn about new products. So we packed every logo design and animated bumper full of STUFF with new and interesting things to see every time they watched. The the fact that these videos brought 45 million viewers to the project means that we not only avoided alienation through branding, but truly brought new viewers to the world of YouTube review videos with the potential for click-to-buy appetites.

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