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Audi - A Story of Progress

AUDI, Ingolstadt / AUDI / 2022

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In the first quarter of 2021Audi launched two brand-shaping electric cars, the Audi e-tron GT and the Audi Q4 e-tron models. In the midst of a pandemic, the brief was to create a launch unlike any before - a fully digital campaign that allowed the audience to be part of the story of living progress. Our objective was to build up the perception of the brand by creating a human-centric experience. It’s not about the car - it’s a much bigger approach about the future. It’s first and foremost about progress and what that means on a human level.


Cars don’t move the world forward, people do. Brands are often known for speaking just for the sake of speaking, taking up space on social platforms that were designed to give people a voice. We decided to give the platform back to people, showcasing Audi as a progressive premium brand by demonstrating its vision for a better future in a human centric and meaningful way. Humanising and emotionalising Audi’s core value of progress, we put people in the spotlight to showcase progress in a new way. More than a social series, we wanted to create a digital platform, a stage for progressive thinkers and visionaries who share the brand’s vision of the future. With this new platform, Audi unites with like-minded thinkers, shaping the future together. The intimidate interview format functioned as part of the teaser campaign for two product launches, sparking conversations and engaging with the audience.


Car enthusiasts are interested in cars but premium progressives are interested in more than that. They are culturally driven, sustainability driven and always looking for a deeper meaning. Speaking directing to Audi’s new target group, premium progressive, we wanted to shift perspectives and position Audi’s new brand message of #FutureIsAnAttitude in an emotional way. Developing the concept of “vorsprung durch technik” to humanised living progress. We selected local and global storytellers who truly live progress and had a story to tell. From sustainability and lifestyle to performance and design. The campaign shines a light on the people behind the brand and likeminded visionaries, with an inside out approach which included internals and globally recognised externals. Storytellers which would appeal to audiences around the world and connect to the different markets creating a wide variety of entries for the campaign.


Due to different productions and constantly changing locations and (local) conditions, we use a high-quality mobile setting solution to ensure the premium look of our format and the production in general. We remotely produced 21 episodes from Munich to London to LA to Byron Bay. Used in the pre-communication for the world premieres of both the Audi e-tron GT and the Audi Q4 e-tron models, the story of progress is constantly evolving. Because it is human-centric and not about the product, the content is evergreen, living online as a manifesto to the concept of living progress. The series is hosted on YouTube with a playlist, Instagram with IGTV episodes and a guide, Facebook Watch as well as the brand website - shaped to fit each channel authentically. Combined with the platforms of the storytellers, the campaign was amplified in a way that lives on even on social.


- over 100 million impressions

- 50 million video views

- 10 million engagements

- Video view rate of over 62%

- Shared by up to 50 Audi markets

- Shared by all 21 storytellers on their platforms

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