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DAS BUERO AM DRAHT, Berlin / AUDI / 2015

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The fact that real configurations appear in real-time in the application and by this not only inspire others but also illustrate the heavy-use of the Audi configurator constitutes the fascination of the Audi Carpark. Furthermore the use of real-time data can be experienced by seeing ones own configuration enter the Carpark application in a matter of minutes. Since its launch in April 2014 more than 185.000 users accessed the Carpark on the German Audi website. The phenomenon that 27 percent of the configurations that were continued from the Carpark lead to an upselling, meaning that more equipment was added, represents an unsuspected success story for Audi.


In order to provide recommendations by real-life users in real-time, data is collected and processed. When a user completes a configuration on the Audi website an Audi Code is created. An Audi Code is an 8-digit alphanumeric string and represents one exact configuration. It contains all information about the car ranging from the model to the colour to special equipment such as the sound system or the seat covers. The Audi Code was originally created as a tool to link the Internet configurator with the dealer configurator as well as other configurators and order systems. For the Carpark the Audi Code is used to display and continue configurations. As soon as a new Audi Code is created on the Audi website the exact configuration appears visually in the Audi Carpark animation. The configuration can now serve as a starting point for other users visiting the Carpark. By mouseover the user can view the model and point in time it was configured by another user. A click on the car opens a detailed view of the selected configuration. From here the configuration can be continued on the Audi website.

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