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AVON “Break Down Barriers, Women Together”Anti-GBV Campaign


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•Violence against females is one of the most widespread human rights violations in the world. One in three women experiences violence in her lifetime, while many tend to keep silent. As a company For Women, AVON is devoted to ending gender-based violence (GBV) worldwide and seeks to spread influence and strike a chord with Chinese audiences.

•Based on Agency's understanding of AVON’s legacy and research of existing female CSR programs in the market, Agency came up with the creative of telling the story of “BREAK DOWN BARRIERS, WOMEN TOGETHER” and jointed hands with a leading NGO in anti-GBV cause, Yuanzhong, to help the client to stand out and impress the consumers.

•Agency aimed to directly support 300+ female recipients and reach 1 million audience through O2O channels, thus manifesting AVON’s attitude of anti-GBV and creating its corporate image as a vanguard of public welfare.


•Unique story-telling of "Break Down Barriers, Women Together":GBV represents diverse Invisible Barriers to women, hindering them from pursuing ideal life. Seeing obstacles is seeing the way out. Agency needs more women together to step forward to fight against prejudice and discrimination, to be seen and heard. Agency used "pink boxing gloves" as visual cue to represent the female power to break barriers (pink is also AVON’s brand color), which powerfully conveys AVON's vision to consumers.

•In-depth cooperation with high-quality partner: selected Yuanzhong, a leading NGO in legal protection of women's and children's rights in China, because of its common vision with AVON, professional background, substantial shares of voice on gender issues, diverse communication channels, rich media resources, and previous experience of brand cooperation.

•Extensive empowerment through diversified O2O channels: resonated with consumers through over ten types of content and forms, leveraging popular social platforms to touch wider audience.



1)Elevate and own GBV topic to distinguish CSR positioning and win over consumers.

2)Manifest positive value to avoid antagonism and advocate Girls Help Girls, People Help People.

3)Leverage NGO partner’s Influence to integrate resources and raise volume.

4)Launch O2O interactions to trigger public discussion and engage employees.

•Key message:

1)AVON always intends to create a better world for women. With a focus on GBV, AVON hopes to arouse consciousness and call for action.

2)Anti-GBV is a common cause for everyone regardless of gender. Women together to break down the invisible barriers and create more possibilities.

•TA: all social publics, especially women impacted by GBV

•Assets: legal assistance helpline, online GBV courses, hot topic live streaming, anti-GBV WeChat mini-program, AVON-titled WeChat and RED posts, manifesto video, Lawyer Notebook (printed book to be published in 2023), Employee GBV Week, etc.


•Cooperate with NGO to achieve win-win: helped AVON to obtain professional endorsement, coordinated donation (money, products, other resources) to sponsor Yuanzhong.

•Leverage multiple channels to spread influence: educated audience through over ten types of contents and forms, while softly implanting AVON's practices. Launched a WeChat mini-program as the hub for content, interaction and sales, engaging users through interactive ways such as Q&A, video case studies and themed posters. Donated products in the name of the first 100 winners, empowering women’s health and beauty from skincare to mindset. Sponsored the decade-long publication of the Lawyer Notebook to make it a physical project asset.

•Leveraging significant agenda to maximize impact: took the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against GBV (from November 25, International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10, Human Rights Day) as a milestone, appealing to the public to respond to this global initiative and creating buzz.


•Media Outputs:

1)120+ reports from mainstream media and influential social accounts of various categories (general, business, beauty industry, fashion & lifestyle, CSR, etc.). UN WOMEN have noticed our efforts and proactively recommended our titled helpline through official WeChat account.

2)Helped AVON to win the "Best Love Brand" and the "Best Annual Charity Activity" in "The Best BANG! Awards 2023", and the "Annual Philanthropy Case" at the 12th China Philanthropy Festival, effectively enhancing visibility through strong endorsement.

•Target Audience:

1)AVON x Yuanzhong Legal Assistance Helpline (177-0124-2202) has provided 1059 times of counselling and legal assistance services (more than twice the number of annual services before the partnership). Yuanzhong even received a silk banner from recipients to express gratitude.

2)The anti-GBV WeChat mini-program has promoted relevant knowledge and AVON’s efforts to 1,390 users.

3)Three times of live streaming were conducted on TikTok and Baidu with 4,512 viewers and 52K+ likes, encouraging people to protect themselves and their loved ones with the law.

4)Through diversified channels and contents, the campaign has reached 1.2 billion audiences.

•Business Outcomes:encouraged by AVON’s goodwill and other benefits, 236 users have visited AVON’s WeChat flagship store through the anti-GBV mini-program, successfully promoting traffic for sales.

•“Efficient, highly responsible. Protected our rights and interests as our family.” (Anonymous recipients)

•“With AVON’s support, we’ve been able to reach more women and received a lot of positive feedback, which encouraged us to keep speaking out against GBV.” (Li Ying, Founder of Yuanzhong)

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