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This campaign retained and acquired additional sales for Babyshop.

The activity used only 0.5% of the total search budget, but produced in excess of 19% of the total revenue from paid search.

This resulted in an ROI of 59, which is almost 2500% higher than the average ROI of Babyshop’s normal search campaign of 2.3.

Our coupon tracking tool allowed us to evaluate where each ordered coupon and sale came from. The findings showed that over 40% of the show rooming sales came from our competitors’ stores - acquired sales we wouldn’t normally be competing for. The remaining 60% is retained sales from our own locations.

Babyshop’s embrace of the engaged mother has proven that it’s possible to leverage a perceived challenge, and use it to theirs and the consumer’s advantage.


A special campaign in Google AdWords targeted our and our competitors’ physical stores using geo-location on addresses.

Our world first hyper-local show rooming strategy gave special offers to mothers searching on mobile for products in Babyshop or competitor stores.

Those who actively searched for high-value product categories and product names in our designated locations received a special ad based on that specific product.

The strategy was applied to all high value product categories and product names sold by Babyshop.

The ad directed the show roomers to a page where they could order a coupon through SMS. This coupon gave the show roomer the chance of getting a 20% discount in Babyshop’s physical and online stores – but only if they bought it within 24 hours.

A limited-time offer was also an important part of the communication. The psychological aspect of a limited offer would increase the rush to purchase, as well as limit their time for further show rooming activities.

Each individual coupon was designed to let us track the usage in online and offline stores. This allowed us to link each sale to the location where they ordered their coupon. The online store tracked the unique discount-code, and a hidden “confirm” button for employees was implemented to track offline purchase.

Consumers who received a coupon were excluded from getting discount ads over the next two months. And since the coupon order page is located on a hidden website, there was no way of finding a new coupon without in-store search.

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