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In real time and directly to their phones, the Backup Memory provides patients with reminders of the identity of the person entering their field of intimacy, via instant notifications. Patients can thus view their relationship status with that person, as well as memories, photos or videos related to them.

This is a non-medical therapy that regularly exposes the patient to his past and greatly improves his memory.

The Innovation there, was the solution that allows the connection between two devices without 3G or Wifi link.

The app is using a simple Bluetooth link with the Beacon technology, for messaging between patient and relative devices.

At many Alzheimer association and center, they use to operate through mental stimulation workshop.

during those workshop, patients have to do systematically many mental exercises helping him remembering important things or tools in everyday life. Starting from this point, we find out a technological solution that can helps them to keep in mind important persons from relatives and friends.

According to recent research, constant mental stimulation can delay the loss of memory when Alzheimer is in its early stage.

We saw in this a perfect approach to use mobile as mental stimulator, when relatives met their patients.


This feature provides great support to patients’ memory functions but also works as a "shock absorber" for those accompanying patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The mere fact that visitors do not have to "present" themselves to the patient, as recognition is assisted by the phone, allows for the people accompanying patients to focus on the actual event, rather than the patient himself.

Now ,The idea is starting to be used in local alzheimer center as a non medical therapy. According to the same modus operandi, another one of the application’s features will be designed to stimulate patients’ memory with regards to the places they have been to (schools, offices, city halls... are geolocated on the phone) and which are related to memories of a special event.

32% of patients in local alzheimer associations, have started using the Backup Memory App.

9621 patients are using actually the Backup Memory.

28822 are connected to them as family members.

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