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Bankwest - Bank Less

VMLY&R, Sydney / BANKWEST / 2019

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Banks are pretty unpopular in Australia these days. In fact ‘bank bashing’ has become a national sport, especially after a recent Royal Commission into bad banking behaviour. Consumer sentiment really couldn’t be much lower. When all we want is less jargon and less complication, banks just seem to want to talk about themselves and talk about how important they are in your life. With that in mind, the ‘Bank Less’ ad for Bankwest is driven by the key insight that Australians don’t want more ‘bank’ in their lives – just one that is fair, simple and transparent.


In this Bank Less spot, our ‘presenter’ leads us on a journey of perfectly executed satire that challenges the clichés of bank advertising in radio. Speaking in the standard warm and authoritative voice, our ‘presenter’ exposes how banks use empathetic music, big promises and urgency to draw you in – while squeezing all the important info into the hyper-speed terms and conditions. This is all to portray exactly what Bankwest – a challenger bank in Australia – is not. Because haven’t we had enough of all this BS? The customers certainly have.

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