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Beautiful Silence

CARMICHAEL LYNCH, Minneapolis / SUBARU / 2024


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Historically, far too many groups of people have had less access, and felt less welcome, in our nation’s national parks. As part of the launch of the new Subaru Forester Wilderness, Subaru was determined to help all feel more welcome in the parks and to raise awareness that a Subaru is the ideal all-wheel-drive vehicle to get the most out of your visit.


The unique sound design is meant to be a main character in this story. The muffled, distorted sounds and jarring silences were carefully crafted to draw the audience in and immediately place the viewer in the auditory perspective of our deaf actor.

And because this film was part of the national launch of the most capable Subaru ever, each progressively more rugged road or trail surface was chosen specifically for the unique sound — or feeling — it could provide.

It was important that we reflected an accurate experience for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, so we drew inspiration and direction from the sound design in films like “Sound of Metal” and “Coda,” as well as working closely with advocates of the Deaf community.


The release of "A Beautiful Silence" sparked conversation and drove large numbers of impressions across platforms. Post mentions were amplified exponentially by media features and reposts of the spot by the actors. Consumer sentiment was extremely positive, with significant appreciation for Subaru's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

● 98% positive net sentiment

● 18.8 million potential impressions and 387 mentions within first 30 days

Mentions of the spot largely occurred in news publications. Twitter led social conversation followed by Instagram, YouTube, then Facebook. Social conversations were driven by reshares of the spot and viewers commending Subaru for their inclusivity.

Conversations were overwhelmingly positive. News coverage largely remained neutral, while social users and others called out the importance of inclusivity in outdoor spaces. Commenters expressed gratitude to Subaru for furthering this mission in such an emotional way. Subaru's history of making heartfelt, emotional work likely contributed significantly to the positive reception.

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