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DOOM&DICKSON, Amsterdam / HEINEKEN / 2006

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The Ball Room of Amstel for men is a reference to the Ballroom of IKEA, a supervised play area that was designed to keep children occupied while their parents are shopping. The Amstel Ballroom is the ultimate mobile refuge for men "trapped" in a female environment. It offers everything men dream of. Supervised by babes.


The impact of the ‘Amstel Ball Room’ case has not been restricted to the ‘Household fair’. In all the employed media and means of communication, this phenomena has been translated either literally (e.g. in the tv-commercial, the 3D pop-up mailing/press invitation), or slightly mocking at the theme (e.g. the posters in the restroom of the ‘Household fair’).An important condition was that the integrated use of the comprehensive mix of media & means of communication had to come across as being one campaign, in order to realise optimal synergy.

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