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PEREIRA O'DELL, San Francisco / ABINBEV / 2021

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On average, humans spend 90% of their lives indoors, a harsh reality exacerbated by the global pandemic. For many, these converging realities have sparked a growing desire to not just spend more time outdoors, but to attempt to decouple from our pre-Covid lifestyles and embrace a life that feels closer to our true nature. Increasingly, this has led to populations fleeing large cities in search of destinations and pursuits that are more fulfilling.

The Corona brand preaches and practices a lifestyle that is less confined and constrained, which means how it engages audiences needs to be equally unrestrictive. Audiences are avoiding both traditional advertising formats and traditional programming that carries those advertising formats, thus Corona has both an opportunity and a commitment to lead the continued evolution of both.


Free Range Humans is an eight-episode docu-series that profiles eight pioneers who left behind a conventional life of routine to pursue a more meaningful life outside. From a paparazzi photographer turned underwater sculptor, to a chemical engineer turned eco-hotelier, Free Range Humans shows us what living can be when you follow your purpose, outside.


Target audience: Men and women, legal drinking age to 35 years old. Many realize their lives are dominated by corporate routines, but are missing the encouragement to do anything about it.

Strategy: “This is Living.” Free Range Humans is not another travel show, rather it’s a lifestyle series personifying Corona’s brand ethos by inviting audiences to experience it through the stories of real people living their authentic lives outside, during a time when audiences are yearning for a deeper connection to nature.

Through this ambitious initiative, Corona assumes the role of publisher, going beyond traditional advertising to create content consumers want to watch and engage with again and again. Free Range Humans is an eight-part digital content series with a heavy focus on social––running primarily across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Free Range Humans launched in 5 key global markets––Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Chile, and Argentina––between November 2020 and January 2021. The campaign featured an entire digital and social ecosystem of assets, including longform episodes, series trailers, episode trailers targeted to specific audience interests, bumpers, and cast posters, with over 100 assets produced in total. The assets ran primarily across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Key results:

Delivered 720M total global impressions

6% uplift in brand recall

72M longform episode views vs. 45M planned

3:02 average time spent watching the long forms (vs. 2:22 benchmark)

Longform episodes achieved an efficient CPV of $0.02 vs $0.03 benchmark

Trailers achieved an efficient CPM of $1.22 (5% cheaper than benchmark of $1.29)

Trailers had a 60% completion rate vs. 40% benchmark

Trailer click through rate was 3x th

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