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So, Brewdog makes quality beer. And they do their bit for the planet by being the world’s first carbon negative brewery, planting trees for every beer sold. So far, so good. They managed to become the biggest small brewer around, but they knew that if they wanted to create real change for the planet, then they’d need everyone to drink their beer. Not just the hipsters. They would need to take on the mass-market beer companies. Thing is, popular beer brands don’t appeal to lovers of craft beer. Stuck in a dilemma, BrewDog tasked us with giving them a broader appeal beyond their craft roots, without diluting the passion and craft that energised the brand. So, how do you go mainstream without selling out?


Beer advertising mostly preaches to the converted. Brands talking up their green credentials tend to do the same. But when you’re making a product which the planet benefits by consuming, you’re suddenly talking to every person on Earth. Our idea was to show that BrewDog was the one true ‘Beer for All’ regardless of whether or not you even drink the beer.

We brought this to life by exhibiting the varied and colourful lives that its customers – and even non-customers – lead, playfully showcasing the people this beer is for i.e. everyone.

We set a vision that the whole company got behind; challenging them to keep pushing for more. ‘Beer for All’, became a rallying cry that not only spans the brand’s environmental commitments, but also its community engagement and even product development; pushing partnerships with companies far and wide and launching the new ‘Beer for All Bundle’ multipack.


If you make beer that people actually want to drink, and by drinking that beer they’re helping to save the planet; the product itself is the real solution. The task was to show that because of this, BrewDog was genuinely the beer for everyone - not just for laughing urbanites and clichéd father-son moments. Few things bring the world together like beer and we took that opportunity with both hands. We brought BrewDog’s punk lens and applied it through a series of playful vignettes, showing how the brand truly stands for all Earth’s inhabitants (and Earth itself too).


The campaign ran across the UK on TV, VOD, social, online, and digital display, and in hero OOH and mural sites throughout the country. We wrapped 50 of London’s famous black cabs (electric, of course) in our long copy ads to boot. Originally planned for a one month run, it was so impactful, it ran in three bursts - from August through December last year. To celebrate, BrewDog even released special edition ‘Beer for All’ bundles in-store.

Beer for All, was brought to life by telling anyone and everyone that our beer was for them. From small people, to tall people, to even fake listeners. Our score featured quirky deep cut Mort Garson’s Plantasia; originally composed for growing plants and a subtle nod to our message. The finale even featured a rival beer brand, all to prove that whoever you were, our beer was for you.


We didn’t just win hearts on primetime TV. We took pride of place at half time in the world’s first carbon-neutral Premier League fixtures. 80 million pairs of eyes saw our disruptive long-copy executions across thousands of screens, murals, newspapers and London’s fully electric cabs, leading to consistent growth in awareness, consideration, and importantly, sales. We proved that entertainment can be effective with the top message takeouts across all customer segments linked to the environment, sustainability, and BrewDog’s unique carbon commitment. And despite the numerous supply challenges faced by the industry in 2021, sales for BrewDog were up by a whopping 48%. The production was totally offset through tree planting schemes, making it a sustainable campaign in every sense. Good for business, great for the planet.

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