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No Label: The World's First Transgender Beer

THE ROMANS, London / BREWDOG / 2016


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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We discovered a breed of hop plant that, under the right conditions, could exhibit hermaphroditism. A breed of hop plant that could actually change sex. And that gave us an idea...

The result was "No Label".

No Label is the world’s first ‘transgender beer’ – a beer brewed exclusively with hops that had undergone a male-female hermaphroditic sex change.

It was created to allow BrewDog to powerfully voice its support for a group of individuals who are too often ignored by big beer brands, while at the same time giving us permission to talk about craft beer ingredients and the craft brewing process to a consumer audience.

To show its commitment to being part of the fabric of Soho, all profit raised via the sale of 9,500 bottles of No Label were donated to transgender charities via a partnership we brokered with Soho-based LGBTQI+ group ‘Queerest Of The Queer’.


In addition to inventing and naming No Label, we also delivered an earned media campaign to drive awareness of the Soho venue and sales of the product.

We hosted over 100 journalists, bloggers and influencers at the Soho bar and restaurant launch along with 500 members of the public, all of whom got to enjoy a bottle of No Label. And, for those who couldn't make it to Soho, the beer went on sale globally at all of BrewDog's bars. BrewDog also listed the product on its online store which we drove traffic to via social posts and blogger reviews, from both the trans community and mainstream listings / food and drink outlets.

We worked with Queerest of The Queer to produce messaging which resulted in widespread positive coverage in LGBTQI+ media.

Finally, a consumer media relations campaign resulted in over 300 pieces of global coverage in just 72 hours.


Our modest £5,000 fee returned a reach of 1.1billion opportunities to hear about No Label in 72 hours via 308 pieces of PR coverage.

In terms of campaign outcomes... firstly, No Label has now sold out. Over 9,000 bottles sold raised in excess of £6,000 for transgender causes. Far more importantly, it helped to give a huge voice to a community who are often denied one in traditional media and all too often ignored and excluded by big beer brands.

The LGBTQI+ community embraced No Label, with Attitude, Gay Times, Gay Star News, Pink News and Diva Mag all coming out in support of the beer.

Finally, and most importantly in terms of answering our client brief, the uniqueness of No Label afforded us over a billion opportunities to talk about what BrewDog does best: brew brilliant craft beer for beer lovers, whatever their gender or however they identify.

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