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BETC In One Thousand Letters

BETC, Paris / BETC / 2020

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Agency names are often inspired by the initials of the founders. It’s simple, understated, and it's nice to have your name on the door when you're proud of your work. This is why BETC is called BETC.

But what happens when you've become an agency of 1000 fantastic people and you want to show everyone that BETC is far more than just four letters?

Can we literally lengthen the name of the agency to include the initials of each of the 1000 employees and write BETC in a thousand letters? Why not?

That was our goal at the start of 2020, a way of saying that BETC is first and foremost an agency of 1000 people all together.

Then the unpredictable happened. Two months later, in March 2020, we could only meet through screens.


This new BETC name appeared everywhere: on the façade of the building, on business cards, bags and sweatshirts

The idea turned into a big event: the thousand collaborators gathered side by side with their initials. All together, we formed the longest acronym in the world.

A photograph taken by Philippe Chancel and recreated in Gigapixels which made it possible to discover behind each letter, a person, their name and function.


BETC is made up of 1000 different personalities. A new building was created 5 years ago so we could all be in the same place and strengthen the feeling of being a collective. To build on this, we were looking for an event capable of carrying a double message: BETC is everyone and BETC is each person. More than just internal communications, the project had to be visible to everyone.

In addition to an event in the agency, we needed a "memorable" object as a keepsake and the "Gigapixel" photo made the impossible possible: It shows everyone together forming the acronym, with an extremely precise definition of each person when you zoom in.


In January 2020, our employees discovered the “new name” of BETC on the building. They embraced the concept and the new goodies. They wore the sweatshirts and used the bags and mugs with pride making the project fun and participative. Then the photo was taken by the renowned photographer Philippe Chancel.

The gigapixel image was put together like a puzzle from 1,500 high definition images. In addition, a 3D scan of the building and a bespoke algorithm were needed to assemble each part in a “seamless” fashion.

The final image, consisting of approximately 500,000 JPG files, allows for multiple zoom levels.

Shortly after the shooting, a lockdown was announced in France. In this context, the photo took on a strong symbolic value and we decided to make it our greeting card for 2021. It was the best way to involve our clients and friends in the project.


In a lockdown context with remote working and having meetings only on screens, the project made it possible to maintain a bond and bring everyone together.

The greeting card was emailed to over 10 thousand contacts and mailed to approximately 3000 contacts.

It was posted on all of the agency's social networks and generated almost 70K impressions.

Everyone got involved and went looking for people in the picture.

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