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The Super Bowl isn’t just one of the biggest beer moments of the year, it’s the biggest media moment. Due to their massive spend, Bud Light has big game exclusivity, meaning no other beer brand can advertise on the game. So how does Coors Light get noticed while being outspent 20 to 1, and legally not being able to advertise on the game itself? We run our commercial in the one place they can’t stop us: your dreams.


Since we were locked out of the Super Bowl, we ran our commercial in the one place there were no rules: people’s dreams. Partnering with a Harvard psychologist and dream expert, we developed a first-of-its-kind video stimulus that’s scientifically designed to implant a Coors ad into your dream. There was even an 8-hour soundscape to reinforce the imagery that played on your phone as you slept.

We ran a legitimate sleep study to make sure it worked, then released a documentary on social inviting anyone to dream our Super Bowl ad via an immersive, mobile-first web experience made to be experienced in bed as you fall asleep.


Since the TV medium was closed to us, we created a new medium – running our ad in your dreams. Giving people a first of its kind experience that cut through during the predictable TV heavy moment. With the phenomenon of “pandemic dreams” and Google searches for “dreams” and “sleep” being higher than ever, we saw it as an opportunity to tap into a moment in culture. And an opportunity to give our target audience of 21-27 year olds a new dream experience - one that left them waking up feeling refreshed.


First, we partnered with a dream expert and Harvard psychologist to help us create our entire dream stimulus experience. With her help, we held a legitimate sleep study to make sure it worked. Then, on January 27, while other brands were dropping their teasers for their Super Bowl commercials, we showed off just how effective it was – across:

• TV (Bachelor, NBA Games, Jimmy Kimmel Live)

• OLV/OTT (YouTube & Masthead, Mirrors, NBC Universal, etc.)

• Social (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

A week later, we launched our dream stimulus experience via an immersive mobile-first website. We even got superstar Zayn Malik to try the experience for himself in a live Instagram video. As new fans told us about their out-of-this-world dream ads, we responded to them – bringing the best ones to life with trippy animations. We continued pushing to this experience with media that ran through February 21.


· 1,369,984,220 earned impressions

· The world’s largest dream study, with 31,116 participants.

· +3,000% social engagement

· Instagram following +25%

· +8% Lift in sales

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