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To celebrate NEOPOP’s 10th anniversary, we gave the festival a body and its own voice and launched a biographical book that is simultaneously a unique ticket for the festival. In this film a ten year old tells, in first hand, the stories and memories that endure on his mind. And so, in these spoken words, the style and personality of this kid that just wants to be a kid, for the fun of it, is a portrait of the festival. Neopop is ten years old and we are still just kids.


I’m just a boy and I’m happy to be.

I don’t want to be big like the big ones I see.

The big ones that tend to forget all the pleasure you get from the simplest things;

the big ones that pay the price of the things they buy, with their lives.

too much work and not enough play;

No. I don’t want to be big.

my will not stop time’s flow.

One day I, too, must grow.

But for now let me be, what ever will be will be

and I’m still just a boy.

Oh my arms might be thin and my chin still bare

but I didn’t choose to be chosen but if it’s to be so, I’ll go.

but ask yourselves: do I really believe what I’m told?

That the amount of records you keep will make you know how to hear,

that the friends you have on facebook will be there to dry up your tears,


You know it’s these memorable August nights dancing with me,

closed eyes and open arms, that’s what it’s all about.

Memories that crystallise into candy treats

and that we put in a jar we always keep within reach.

To remind us our souls didn’t not just pick up and go,

it does not matter how many times our hearts broke into bits,

our eyes are still not too dry to cry when we see beautiful things.

That no matter how big we seem, inside,

we’re still just kids.

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