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MINDSHARE, Buenos Aires / WALMART / 2015

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The results were stunning: During the two weeks of campaign we achieved more than 2.500.00 visits to the store in the three days that last the BF event, an increase of 1700% more traffic to the site and 136% to the e-commerce site compared to the BF2013. Walmart’s Black Friday was trend search topic on Google Argentina leaving behind the trend ‘Cyber Monday’ which has been leading category mentions. But most important of all, we achieved an increase of 376% on sales, 66% more visits to the store compared to any other Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the year, and an increase of 85% on sales compared to prior Black Friday (2013).


To succeed with this campaign we needed active collaboration and team work with the agencies (creative, digital, social) and the client. We worked in group sessions around eight screens monitoring this Contextual, Paid, Owned and Earned Data. We tracked category’s activity both in online and offline media, looking for efficiency and opportunities to differentiate; at the same time we used social listening tools to have feedback from our consumers and adapt the campaign to their interests. ‘The Loop’ made possible the synergy between teams and gave us the possibility to reallocate resources according to marketing and communication needs. We were able to adapt and optimize the campaign in different ways:

During the first two days, “CyberMonday” was trend in Google. So we worked on a social media strategy based on influencers to attract consumers and maximize the keyword “Black Friday”. This was complemented with the optimization of the SEM campaign.

As a Contextual optimization we incorporated a celebrity (an actress) who was trending topic in Twitter that week, adapting her participation to the context and our needs. Regarding Earned media, we analyzed reviews from consumers and pushed posts on Facebook of products they were talking about in order to push sales.

Thanks to client collaboration with sales data in real time we could adapt the different creative pieces according to product stock and performance in the store. We could also optimize to the maximum our paid campaign measuring how each of our TV spots performed in terms of searches and visits, reallocating the investment in the TV programs and the hours of the day that were working better.

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