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BMW Motorcycle Eye Ride

SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / BMW / 2016


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Eye Ride is the first virtual motorcycle test ride by BMW Motorrad. The mobile setup combines a virtual reality headset with real video footage and interactive head tracking. This enables anybody – no matter what age, driver’s license or skill – to experience an extreme realistic motorcycle feeling.

Eye Ride is used to attract new target groups for motorcycling. Those who try Eye Ride and reach a certain pulse receive a supplementary payment for a motorcycle license. Thus, BMW Motorrad enables consumers to pay for their driver’s license with their passion for it.


Eye Ride was first installed and placed into operation at the BMW Welt in Munich on March, 12. 2016, the official start of the motorcycle season. Ever since then, there are three Eye Ride sets circling events, fairs and expositions and a growing amount of Eye Ride sets are being installed at retailers and at points of sale.

Eye Ride was developed and tested with Oculus Rift hardware. After finishing the development, the Samsung head gear was implemented. Apart from the high-resolution virtual reality headset, Eye Ride sets also consist of surround sound headphones, a force feedback backpack and a motorcycle.

Ever since its first implementation at points of sale, retailers, events, fairs and expositions, Eye Ride is creating an emotional and physical impact without the costs and logistics of providing real test rides and enables consumers to pay for their driver’s license with their passion for riding.


With Eye Ride as a permanent part of BMW Motorrad’s future retail concept, BMW Motorrad reaches motorcycle enthusiasts, but more importantly consumers who don’t have a driver’s license and/or never rode a motorcycle.

Consumers can now actively grapple with riding a motorcycle and the brand BMW Motorrad via a fascinating and thrilling experience. Also, BMW Motorrad proofs its innovative mindset, becomes relevant in the consumers’ minds and effectuates driver’s license applicants, thus creating more potential customers that are already uniquely linked to the brand BMW Motorrad.

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