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Brahma Goalkeeper Delivery

AKQA, Sao Paulo / ABINBEV / 2020

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In Brazilian football, strikers have always been the stars. As a result, in amateur pitches, everyone wants to be a striker and no one wants to be the goalkeeper. But Brahma, ‘The Number One’ Beer in Brazil,’ decided to save the game from the lack of number ones, which is how goalies are called in this country.


Brahma, known as ‘The Number One Beer in Brazil,’ created a service that delivers goalies to the pitch, so no one in the team has to play this position.

The Goalkeeper Delivery was launched inside the Rappi platform, the fastest growing delivery App in Brazil, available in all big cities. How does it work? A team orders a goalie, the request is sent to the nearest available from the huge Rappi delivery crew and he arrives in a maximum of 30 minutes, or in a scheduled time. When ordering a Brahma Goalkeeper, people can also order Brahma beers, merging a brand experience with a sales platform.


Our target audience was Brazilian football fans and amateur players. We made sure they received the message by spreading the word through a social film and on our own social media channels.


To launch the Goalkeeper Delivery, we brought the Brazilian 2002 World Champion Marcos from retirement. He would come as a surprise to amateur games that requested a goalie through the App. The social video got thousands of views and the news spread like fire.


With thousands of number ones registered, the Goalkeeper Delivery not only sells 'The Number One Beer’ concept continuously, but it also got Brahma from Brazilian professional football, where it’s a major sponsor, to the amateur fields, where its consumers actually play and drink.

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