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LEO BURNETT, Santo Domingo / ABINBEV / 2021

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Presidente, the beer preferred by all Dominicans, launched a new product variant for the first time in many years. Presidente Golden Light, a lighter beer, but with the same flavor all Dominicans love.

For the first time, we had the challenge of introducing this new variant by speaking to Dominicans about a subject that they are completely unaware of: the recipe and production processes of their favorite drink.

But we had to do it in a way that would grab their attention, and at the same time entertain them, making them feel like they were part of almost a game.

Among the objectives we wanted to achieve were:

- Reach a minimum of 60% of the public over 18 years old.

- Get more than 5000 users to enter our website in the first four weeks.


We created a radio spot that taught Dominicans about beer and rewarded them with it at the same time, ensuring that this spot would always want to be heard.

We realized that if we used an award as an anchor, like a year of free beer,

people would feel motivated to participate. The trick was that in order to participate, at the same time they were memorizing how the beer was made.

So we created an extremely long URL, that if the Dominicans managed to learn by memory and entered it correctly in the website, they could participate and win a whole year of free Presidente Golden Light.

This was the URL (translated into English):


Since the objective of the campaign was to communicate the recipe and production process of the new Presidente Golden Light, we had an open campaign to the entire population +18 ABCD nationwide, in a country of 11 million inhabitants.

Taking into account their behavior in social media and the hourly points of contact with which they interact with traditional radio, we placed a link to a website in a radio spot, so that those who memorized the link could enter the contest immediately.

Combining a fresh and educational idea with a surprising award made it clear that this is an effective way to communicate with our audience.


We created the URL:

In a 20-second radio spot, narrated by an announcer and with this question:

Do you want to win a free year of the new Presidente Golden Light?

We placed it for 5 weeks on the most listened radio stations in the country.

And we got Dominican listeners to actually want to listen to advertising on the radio, because every time this spot came up, they had to pay attention to it and learn it completely by memory.

By entering the URL correctly, they were already participating to win a free year of the new Presidente Golden Light, and at the same time they were learning how beer was made.


More than 9,000 unique users managed to enter the URL directly from the radio spot, which means that around 9,000 Dominicans memorized the Presidente Golden Light recipe in just 4 weeks. An unprecedented event.

In addition, we achieved a reach of 4,130,797, exceeding our real reachable audience by 64% (+18).

On top of that, thanks to this campaign idea we managed to sell out the entire product in just 5 days.

Achieving a challenge of more than 85 years, fulfilled part of its mission in just 5 weeks: Make the Dominican know how his favorite beer is made.

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