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Brahma at Cidade Alta

AB INBEV, Sao Paulo / ABINBEV / 2021

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Brahma Duplo Malte Longneck was about to come out on the market, exactly in the middle of COVID-19 crises. In other words, with all the major bars closed in Brazil.


We brought the whole “Brahma Bar” experience to GTA, with a huge party gathering the biggest content creators streaming in 42 lives simultaneously. The event allows players to do a special mission that consists in Brahma Duplo Malte deliveries all across the city and even order the LONGNECK inside our bar.


With all the major bars closed in Brazil, we had to create a bold way to launch a brand new Brahma Beer. So, we decided to use a media that is growing exponentially worldwide: gaming.

To produce with high level of fidelity, we’ve team up with a special design crew to reproduce the famous Brahmas Bars inside GTA and joined forces with content creators to develop special missions inside the game.


To produce the very first beer launch inside a game, we gather forces with the major GTA server in Brazil (18+) to give birth to a live event that could bring people together into a virtual BAR. First we created a design project that reconstructed the Brazilian famous “Brahma Bars” inside the game, and together with the biggest GTA players in Brazil, we developed special missions to deliver our product to the whole virtual city.


1.3MM people reached on the party at first hour made possible for the beer name to became a trending topic on twitter and also the must well evaluated among gamers. After the launch, the bar became a virtual attraction on the server and the game itself appears as top 3 most streamed over a week on Twitch.

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