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Brahma Viola

AFRICA, Sao Paulo / AB INBEV / 2016

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To draw the attention of the public to Brahma Valley Festival and pay homage to the roots of our music, first we created three posters with different elements of Brazilian country music, and then we printed parts of these posters in special wood sheets. After that we delivered the sheets to a traditional Luthier who transformed 200 posters into 100 country guitars.



• Design elements and their integration –

The exclusive posters of the festival were created and printed in special wood sheets. Then they were turned into classic country music guitars.

• Design touch points –

The art on the posters, the fact that they were printed on wood sheets and then turned into country guitars.

• Materials, style elements, design choices –

The posters and the country guitars were created in wood, combining classic country music images with modern elements. Showing that the country guitar can also be pop.

• Design development and process –

The posters were printed with special paint and a famous Luthier used those special wood sheets to make the country guitars.

• Scale – Medium scale


• Value added to brand –

Thousands of consumers were introduced to country music’s tradition. This strengthened Brahma’s tradition of making great beer showing that the brand cares about the origin of everything it represents.

• Value for consumer:

Consumers who are country music fans became closer to the Brahma brand

• Reach/cultural impact –

More than making a music instrument, transforming the posters into country guitars was paying homage to the history of Brazilian music bringing it back to the spotlight and introducing a new/old instrument in the lives of thousands of youngsters.

• Sales

• Achievement against brief –

The result was surprising due to great engagement on the part of the public with the action, both on social networks as well as during the Brahma Valley Festival.

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