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ANOMALY, New York / CONVERSE / 2009






We found what kids were truly searching for through creative insight and deep research at found the questions they were asking. The events they were interested in. The news stories that happened yesterday.

This allowed us to be in the moment and extraordinarily topical. These opportunities allowed us to invent a methodology where we could maximize the impact and reduce the cost of buying adwords. In those vital moments we made a single dot-com with a message for that search.

That moment when you have your first date: That moment when you’re worried about pimples before prom: That moment when you wonder if everything’s going to be okay in your life: We created a hundred of these single-serving sites and brought them all together into a network at

We found the moment no one else saw.


Results are from 6/19/08 – 8/31/08.

(We still experience results in-line with those below). A digital ad campaign costing $73,788 would deliver approximately 5,500 visitors to a site, or $13.40/visitor. For the same cost, Domaination delivered 147,668 visitors, or $0.50/visitor— 2600% more efficient than a traditional digital campaign.And with traffic from referring sites and WOM, we received a total of 610,000 visitors and 770,000 page views.

Initially, we expected 150,000 uniques through Google with $100,000 spend, and taking into account viral pass-along, a total of 300,000 uniques. The extra 310,000 uniques would cost $155,000 in Google AdWords – representing a significant gain in value enabled by the campaign’s viral nature. Domaination also created over $480,000 in PR value via 19.5 million editorial impressions from 1,300+ blog posts. (Sources: Pointroll - $20 CPM at standard 0.15% CTR, Google AdWords/Analytics, avg CPC of $0.50, PR Industry Standard Valuation at $25 CPM, Quantcast)

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