Cannes Lions

Bring Your Game

WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / NIKE / 2016

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With so many great players in the game, how can anyone pick a favorite? From the stoop where they hang out every day, Peanut, Sean, Toni, and Angel decide to live with some of the best players to figure out how they bring their game and which is their favorite.

The crew journeys from city to city, showing up unannounced to Kevin Durant’s, Kyrie Irving’s, Paul George’s, Anthony Davis’s, Kobe Bryant’s, Elena Delle Donne’s, and LeBron James’s homes.

When we suspect that the kids’ adventure might be cut short by distractions from the players’ friends like Serena and Future, the kids are welcomed, every time, into the athletes’ lives.

The crew ends up with access to athletes’ lives that most fans would die for and, in the process, gather intelligence so that when they return home to their stoop, they can once and for all pick a favorite player—maybe.

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