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Budweiser Halloween 2016: Unmasking Halloween in China

STARCOM, Shanghai / AB INBEV / 2017

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Our young consumers feel the pressure to live up to others’ expectations of what and who they should be. They seek a self-directed life that is grounded, honest and authentic. Halloween for them is a no- pressure occasion to celebrate on their own terms. It is associated with a carnival-like occasion with permission to be different, have fun with light hearted horror/spooky theme. The spirit of Halloween is liberating, gives them a sense of empowerment because they can be anyone they want to be and dress in any way they want. Anything feels possible during this time.

Budweiser’s “to be free is to be fearless”, makes Halloween in China an occasion for our consumers to enjoy being fearless on their own terms. They now have the freedom to do and be who they want. That’s the ultimate release.


We maximized the Budweiser Halloween experience across channels to drive consumption.

First, we premiered hero video on social and entertainment platforms to create buzz and build anticipation in the first week of the campaign.

We partnered with top digital video sites and portals by using hero video content precisely targeted to our core audience and adapt messaging across the duration of the carnival.

Time & proximity to purchase was further tailored via disruptive OOH which included impactful LED screens, Metro corridors, moving haunted bars and Pop-up bars bomb in 12 cities.

We live streamed the Budweiser immersive events to scale Bud Halloween party nationally beyond those attending the physical events.

Lastly, we created a Full-Channel activation with unique Bloodweiser Halloween experience. We made this truly ownable our Halloween ‘Bloodweiser’ product, a blood colour beer was available only across this campaign Incorporated through both online & offline sales outlets.


In 3 weeks, Budweiser created the legend of Halloween in China.

Total Budweiser penetration grew by 2.3% YoY

Media results included 4.5billion impressions, 26.3million live stream views of bud events,

201 individual pieces of press coverage across TV, digital and social representing 2.2million US$ in earned media value.

Brand equity uplifted nationally (top 20 cities) among premium drinkers with

-‘Favorite Brand’ : +18% YoY

-‘Is a Trendsetter Brand’: +14% YoY

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