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MEDIAPLUS, Munchen / BMW / 2018

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We turned safety into a hands-on design-media element: the Bulletproof Brochure. A unique brochure that you can also wear as a bulletproof vest. This brochure was used as our medium and shows the benefit of the vehicles. To meet the requirements of our elite target group like diplomats and politicians the vest is officially approved and certificated by Ballistic Authority Mellrichstadt.


We offered our medium, the exclusive Bulletproof Brochure on occasion of the 54th Munich Security Conference. To convince it required a sophisticated elaboration:

We tackled the many technical challenges in collaboration with experts from a wide range of different fields. We had to combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and have the National Firing Proof House certify that the vest was bulletproof up to 9 mm bullets, while at the same time ensuring pleasant wear comfort.

The very finest Italian cowhide leather from Veneto was sewn by hand to cover several layers of aramid fibre. The safety strap made of polyester has a load capacity of up to 1.5 tons: it is finished in such a way that the brochure is quick and simple to put on and fasten. The result is a unique design that combines traditional bookbinding craftsmanship with the very latest high-tech materials.


The medium is the message. We made the unique selling proposition of BMW Security Vehicles (bulletproof cars) experienceable and a topic of discussion among the target group. The hand-made brochures were highly effective at sales talks and became one of the highlights at the Munich Security Conference.

A precise customer journey that works without 0% scattering loss.

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