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MEDIACOM, London / NIKON / 2011

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Surprising as it sounds, no major photography brand had really got to grips with social media until this campaign.Nikon created a twin-track strategy designed to hit its two key target audiences: casual snappers and serious amateurs.Using Facebook for compact users and Flickr for the semi-pro DSLR users we created platforms designed to celebrate consumers’ photographs, taken with ANY camera. We encouraged consumers to share their images with the world, creating a democratic platform for a democratic art form.We gave consumers advice on the best way to take better pictures as well as news about Nikon’s new products.And we incentivised them with a competition to record the world around them, upload the results and share them with fellow photo fans.The competition was judged by “likes” on Facebook and by big name pros on Flickr, encouraging our targets to tell the world Who They Were With Nikon.


Going social has connected Nikon with hundreds of thousands of new fans.We attracted more than 560,000 unique visitors on Facebook and users have uploaded nearly 40,000 Photos and have “liked” entries 260,000 times. The Facebook fan page continues to grow and now has 81,000 fans.On Flickr our group is already in the top 2% in terms of group size, with more than 9,000 members.

This campaign contributed to a doubling of Nikon’s compact share in its six biggest EU markets.

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