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LOV, Sao Paulo / SONY / 2013

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Even though Sony has been the official sponsor of FIFA since the last edition of the World Cup, it had never had its brand strongly associated with the event in Brazil. Also, despite the fact that Brazilians love soccer, they haven’t felt the benefits of having the World Cup based in Brazil, as to the wider public this will be an expensive event only available to the rich and foreigners. Our goal was to benefit from this sponsorship in this adverse scenario and tackle these issues, activating the brand over one year before the main event starts.


Two months after the platform was launched the results are already incredible: over 150,000 registered users. Half of these are engaged and participate weekly with the platform, scoring goals and looking forward to winning awards. The engagement with the brand happens constantly and, as time goes by, it is possible to acknowledge this relationship between the brand and the 2014 World Cup as an active sponsor. This is done by offering incredible experiences inside the field or at home, providing high-technology products that will make the viewers live the Cup of their lives.

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